About Us

Boxboro Children Center was established in 1987. We are a relatively small center which allows the teachers to truly form a bond and connection with each child and family. This quality care is the ideal setting for each child to achieve their individual goals and where teachers are aware of each child’s developmental and emotional needs!


To understand more about us, it’s important for you to know how we plan our programs!

The following are goals that we work to achieve through our daily programs:

Developmental Skills

Socialization skills: Socialization skills are developed as children interact with their peers. The staff acts as facilitators encouraging children to share, take turns, help each other and build friendships. It is during free play that these skills are best obtained.

Problem solving skills: The children are encouraged at every opportunity through teacher guidance to evaluate what’s happening around them and solve problems as they arise.

Attention/ Listening: Attention span and listening skills are developed over the early years as children participate in teacher-directed structured activities such as circle time, music, yoga and projects. Small group and large group activities offer different challenges and opportunities for these skills to develop.

Self-help Skills: Children are encouraged to do the most they can do for themselves. Children are taught, assisted and encouraged.

Gross Motor: These skills are obtained through indoor and outdoor games, dance, yoga, exercise and other physical activities.

Fine Motor: These skills are obtained through playing with manipulative type games and toys as well as paper and pencil activities including cutting and pasting.

Art Projects: Art projects help stimulate creative thinking along with establishing a sense of accomplishment. Art projects include as many mediums as possible, manipulating, transforming and combining materials in the following ways: process art, creative art, teacher directed art and group art.

Readiness Skills

Language Skills: Children develop language skills as they listen and speak in teacher directed group activities and as the listen and speak with their peers.

Science/Math: Hands-on activities allow children to discover relationships, properties, textures, consequences and numerous concepts.

Cooking: Children enjoy cooking special projects and simple snacks. A hands-on activity closely associated with science, cooking allows children to discover concepts while looking forward to sampling their accomplishments.

Special Events: Each month the children enjoy a range of special events as we celebrate conventional and non-conventional holidays, centerwide theme days (such as pajama day and beach day), or field trips.

Parent Involvement: BCC is always pleased to invite and involve our parents in our program and allow them to share their talents. Please speak to your child’s teacher if you would like to come into the classroom and share something with the children.